Carey Mulligan in “Not Stupid” shocker

4th February 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

I’m not sure I entirely trust the veracity of this Popbitch story (if there had been any plans to bring back Sally for series four, wouldn’t we have known about it from The Writer’s Tale?), but it’s still amusing :

Carey Mulligan was offered the role of Dr Who assistant,
which eventually went to Catherine Tate. She apparently
said no because Dr Who fans are too mentally obsessive.

You’ve got to admit, she’s got a handle on us there.

Seb Patrick once met Paul McGann, who immediately pretended to be Mark McGann. He writes for Den of Geek, BBC America, Film4 and the official Red Dwarf website, among others. He owns over thirty toy Daleks and wishes the Dapol factory tour was still open.



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