Gallifrey One, Manchester United Nil

26th February 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

It may not have failed to escape your notice that, although our friends in the Colonies as a whole generally tend to treat Doctor Who with the sort of indifference that a Chris Chibnall script is greeted by, there’s nevertheless a bally great big convention going on over there this weekend, with a fair few attendees who are actually, you know, relevant and exciting and whatnot.

Your trusty Unlimited Rice Pudding! editors are, of course, not in attendance. But we do have a roving reporter on the scene. Mr Ben Paddon, who – just like Hugh Laurie, Philip Segal and Torchwood – originally sprung from these fair isles but decided he’d be much better off in California, will be floating around (not literally, that would be hideous) all weekend. We’ll hopefully get some updates from him on the site itself, but in the meantime, we’ve also granted him access to our Twitter account (are you following us yet? If not, why not? Do we have to remind you to do everything?), from which he’ll be posting throughout the weekend using the #gally hashtag. Which makes me think of a ship’s kitchen, frankly, but apparently it’s the popular choice. Those crazy Septics.

Seb Patrick once met Paul McGann, who immediately pretended to be Mark McGann. He writes for Den of Geek, BBC America, Film4 and the official Red Dwarf website, among others. He owns over thirty toy Daleks and wishes the Dapol factory tour was still open.



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