Popular but terminally shit fat man to appear in Series Five

22nd February 2010 • Blog Post by Jonathan Capps •

No, don’t worry, Peter Kay isn’t returning, but this isn’t much better.  Guests stars are all fine and well, but… James Corden?  Really?

Going on the fact the episode 7 and 11 block started filming today, it’s safe to assume he’ll be in one of those which seem to be Amy and Doctor-lites.  You won’t have to delve too far into the fiery pits of Gallifrey Base to see which of those episode he’s likely to be in and in what capacity, but it’s an episode I actually really like the sound of, which is a bit of a miracle given that its writer, Gareth Roberts, is even shitter than James shitting Corden.

Still, good to see The Sun’s resident Photoshop ‘artist’ at the very top of their game.

Jonathan Capps‘ name translates in the old Draconian tongue as “The Oncoming Storm”. Curiously enough, when spelled out backwards, it translates in Kaled as “Gobby Northerner Who Likes Sandwiches”.


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