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16th February 2010 • Blog Post by Jonathan Capps •

Vigilant Doctor Who news site Blogtor Who have been posting pictures of a forthcoming range of Who Easter Eggs over the last few days, and something instantly struck me about them.  Yes, they’re using the old (pre-resurrection if you want, which you probably don’t) branding.

I realise Easter Eggs are produced and sold well in advance of Easter but excited children gathering around the TV on Easter weekend to (probably) watch the brand new New Who while tucking into eggs plastered with a logo that will be well out of date by then is an odd image.  I know, I know, having Davros and the Daleks next to the New Blue would make no sense but they’re both just as out of date at that horrific taxi logo, anyway.  Why not use The Weeping Angels? Or Stephen Moffat’s beaming face?  Anything to stop those poor confused tykes having something to remind them of the show as it once was when they should be casting off the shackles and getting to know the show all over again.

Join us tomorrow when I’ll probably get unduly upset about something else that doesn’t actually matter.  Unless that rumoured RTD movie starring Tennant is confirmed and then you’ll see me really upset, for much the same reasons only without the delicious chocolate for comfort.

Jonathan Capps‘ name translates in the old Draconian tongue as “The Oncoming Storm”. Curiously enough, when spelled out backwards, it translates in Kaled as “Gobby Northerner Who Likes Sandwiches”.


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  1. The taxi logo is recognizable to the British public. The phone box logo isn’t. Not yet, anyway. From a purely marketing perspective it makes sense to have the “old” stuff on the packaging, even if it does mean that the eggs will be out of date by the time Easter actually rolls around.

  2. Jonathan Capps

    I dunno, the logo was released a good while ago now and it’s the one you see when you go to the official BBC site. Oh, and it’s been used on DWM for almost two months. Oh, and, regardless of the style of the logo, the words “Doctor Who” will always matter more.

    So I don’t think that’s really a valid reason, although it seems likely that it’s down to being scared of using the new branding until it’s been ‘proven’ and ‘broadcast’, but it doesn’t make it right.

  3. It’s probably a separate merchandising licence. The RTD era one has yet to lapse, but the Moff logo is the sole property of whoever takes ovber the licence.

  4. Jonathan Capps

    Possible, but still stupid.

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