17th February 2010 • Blog Post by Jonathan Capps •

TV site Digital Spy has taken time out from reporting on every last fucking detail of every single American drama ever to give this tasty little exclusive:

The new Doctor Who trailer will premiere this Saturday on BBC One, it has been announced.

The promo for the new series, which stars Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, will also simulcast on the official Who website.

Yay! During my recent expeditions into the dangerous cave system that is the spoiler section on Gallifrey Base, I’d been reading rumours that the next trailer wouldn’t come until late March, suggesting an early April première for series 5. I don’t think it will be unreasonable to assume this trailer will include confirmation of that date, which will hopefully be somewhere in the middle of March.

Despite this being something that “BBC One have announced” Digital Spy fails to link to a source for this news, so it looks like this remains a DS ‘exclusive’ until the BBC catch up and make it all official like.  And if that isn’t enough excitement for one day, DS have also posted a new promo shot (again, I can’t find this anywhere on any BBC site at the moment), which we have faithfully reproduced after this jump…

There’s plenty to chew on here.  For a start, is that the new look for the time vortex?  If so: lovely.  Secondly, we have a Weeping Angel, Dalek (old style, as far as I can see) and what DS refer to as a ‘Smiler’, all encased in a bubble that wouldn’t look too out of place in the McCoy title sequence.  Oh, Seb will be pleased.

Finally, two more comments before I sign off: Karen Gillen is impossibly sexy and damn, I thought that fucking stupid hand pose would be gone forever.

Jonathan Capps‘ name translates in the old Draconian tongue as “The Oncoming Storm”. Curiously enough, when spelled out backwards, it translates in Kaled as “Gobby Northerner Who Likes Sandwiches”.


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