Gallifrey One Update

1st March 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

A quick update concerning our Gallifrey One coverage: My iPhone died at the con last night so the live-tweeting, which I’d just got working, stopped at some point in the night. My plan was to get my laptop and write up the Day Two recap from the lobby, but instead I spent the night hanging out with a bunch of awesome people (including the fantastic, drunk, and fantastically drunk Tony Lee, writer of Doctor Who comic series “The Forgotten”) and I didn’t get into bed until – hngh! – 7am. That’s in the morning.

So yes, the Day Two recap didn’t get written up, and the Day Three recap probably won’t get written up until tomorrow as I’m completely knackered. But fuck me, what a fantastic weekend. Absolutely loved it, and I am most definitely going to be going to Gallifrey One again next year.

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