K9 spin-off gets UK and AUS airdate, James Belushi disappointed he was not cast in series

26th March 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

The Australian-produced K9, the third Doctor Who spin-off in as many years, has finally been given an airdate. The first episode, “Regeneration”, will be airing on Disney XD in the UK on April 3rd at 4pm, mere hours before the Eleventh Doctor makes his debut. Very clever, Disney. I see what you did there. The second episode airs at the same time the following day.

Meanwhile, over in Australia, K9 also debuts on the 3rd at the slightly sillier timeslot of 9am. A prime slot for the “kids who get up at 7:30am and decide to turn the TV on at maximum volume whilst eating every last fucking Penguin in the cupboard even though it had been made absolutely clear that they were supposed to go in their lunchboxes for school the following week” demographic, but not so great for “longtime fans of Doctor Who who wanted to see what a trainwreck K9 would be but would rather be in bed at 9am, even while their kids are shouting and screaming and eating all the Penguins”.

I’m not making these demographic names up. That’s how Australian TV networks demo everyone.

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