Doctoring the TARDIS

13th April 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Will Seb and Cappsy kick me thoroughly in the balls for posting fan-art? I bloody hope not, because this is stunning. A Gallifrey Base member has posted his schematics for what the exterior of the TARDIS might look like in its pure form. No Chameleon Circuit, no transcendental dimensions. Just the TARDIS.

And my word, is it impressive.

I’d love to embed the images here but DeviantArt is being shit, so instead allow me to link you to the top elevation view and the bottom elevation view.

Ben Paddon certainly isn’t here to help a malevolent entity to bring down the website. Ben writes and hosts PortsCenter, a webseries about video game ports that exists solely because someone once asked him if Doom on the PSone was any good. His favourite colour is mope.


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  1. Seb Patrick

    I won’t kick you in the balls for posting fan art, but I might for already pushing down the page the rather more significant official art that I posted last night ;-)

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