Just when the blinking flip was The Eleventh Hour supposed to be set?

6th April 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

… or is the confusion over dates the whole point, considering the “crack in time” thing that seems to be the series’ ongoing arc?

The popular assumption is that the Amy that goes off with the Doctor at the end of the episode is either from 2012 (with the “main” story thus taking place in 2010) or 2010 (with the story being set in 2008), the latter seeming to me the most likely due to Rory owning a phone that came out in that year (although the former is possibly suggested by reference to Twitter, which was nowhere near as widespread in ’08).

But having watched the ep a few times now, I can’t believe I still didn’t spot this, during the slightly rubbish time-lapse photo “Doctor’s memory” sequence. Guaranteed to blow your mind:


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