Sarah Jane Series Four has begun filming

6th April 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Filming for The Sarah Jane Adventures began last week, according to The Doctor Who News Page, with K9 apparently making an appearance. TDWNP have photos, so you can click the link to check them out – oh look, here it is again! – and they also posted a spoiler which I’m going to reprint after the jump.

It looks like the scene being filmed involves Luke, Sarah Jane’s genetically-engineered adoptive son who’s been with the show since it launched in 2006, leaving home. Whether he’s out permanently or if it’s just for one episode, or a few episodes, no one can say at this point. Well, y’know, apart from the cast and crew. I imagine they’re rather good at keeping such things to themselves.

Pity this is a spoiler. I really wanted to call this post “Luke Who’s Walking”.

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