The Doctor vs. Football

10th April 2010 • Blog Post by Jonathan Capps •

For those of you with a passing interest in The Beautiful Game will know that today’s FA Cup semi final between Aston Villa and Chelsea is kicking off at the odd time of 5pm.  So, just late enough to cross into Doctor Who‘s territory, then.  Shamefully, I’ll be chosing the football over Who (I’M GOING TO WEMBLEY, actually) but I suspect anyone in the same position as me will be time-shifting Who, so the overall ratings should take no major hit.

This weeks episode certainly looks like a cracker, and if you want to whet your stupid appetite then you could do much worse than having a look at these preview clips.  The words “feel”, “like”, “McCoy” and “era” leap instantly to mind, which certainly bodes well for our Scouse in Chief.  Be sure to talk incessantly about what you thought of the episode in the comments, and we’ll have a review up for you at some point during the week.

By the way, by reading this post you have automatically agreed to its Terms & Conditions, stating that Chealsea are cunts and Aston Villa are the greatest football team the world has ever seen.  Just so you know, like.

Jonathan Capps‘ name translates in the old Draconian tongue as “The Oncoming Storm”. Curiously enough, when spelled out backwards, it translates in Kaled as “Gobby Northerner Who Likes Sandwiches”.


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