Big Old Spoilerific Finale Photo Jam

16th June 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

Most of you probably don’t want too many major spoilers, but since these are out there, we may as well have a look at ’em – along with the BBC Press Office’s synopsis of “The Big Bang”, too. Big spoilers (largely character-appearance-based) after the jump, and don’t worry, I’ll link rather than inline them for those following us on RSS readers.

One Two Three Four

“The Big Bang” synopsis.

Seb Patrick once met Paul McGann, who immediately pretended to be Mark McGann. He writes for Den of Geek, BBC America, Film4 and the official Red Dwarf website, among others. He owns over thirty toy Daleks and wishes the Dapol factory tour was still open.


3 Responses

  1. Andy M

    Pic #4 makes me happy: probably my favourite new baddie design of the RTD era (and the best Christmas special by a country mile)

  2. Seb Patrick

    AGREED. Think it’s a shame we so far haven’t had them back in the series. Even though this will clearly just be a cameo, it’s nice to see them again.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyy pic #3!

    I mean, boo for whatever’s just happened to cause it … but yay for who’s in it! Eh? Eh?

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