Remember when I posted the cover for the Series Five box set?

8th September 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Well, it looks like that was a temporary cover as the ridiculously-named but otherwise fantastic Blogtor Who have posted the cover artwork along with the revelation that it’s going to be lenticular, much like the Series Two cover. Amazon UK currently shows what seems to be an earlier version of the cover, using a different pose for Amy and lacking the monsters.

Meanwhile Amazon US is still using the artwork I showed you, so it’s possible that American audiences will wind up with that along with their slimmer packaging.

I live in LA now, and I had been importing my Doctor Who DVDs from the UK (I still do with the classic stuff so that my collection looks uniform on the shelf). Doctor Who: The Complete Specials was the first set I’d bought from the US. If BBC America doesn’t use the cover Blogtor Who have shown us then I’ll be left with little choice but to import from the UK. Or something.

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