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12th February 2011 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

With the rights for Paul McGann’s only televised outing as the Doctor split between the BBC, Fox and Universal, it seemed like the TV movie would never see a release in the US, meaning Americans had to either import from the UK or snag a bootleg copy (which exist in abundance, by the way – I’ve seen more than my fair share at events like Comic-Con).

However it appears the success of the revived series on SyFy and BBC America has given the three companies something of an incentive to finally shake hands and get this thing pushed out of the door – the film was released Stateside on February 8th.

Rather than just crap out the original DVD release from 2001, however, Americans are being treated to the lavish two-disc “Special Edition” from the Revisitations box-set featuring the new commentary with McGann and outgoing Doctor Sylvester McCoy, along with all the other extra stuff including McGann’s audition tape (which, I’ll confess, has me a bit excited).

You can pick up the film from for a paltry $22.99. Or, if you’ve got a multi-region DVD player (or you live in the UK) you can grab the Revisitations box-set from Amazon UK for £24.99 – about $40, not including shipping. If you must have the film absolutely immediately then Best Buy tend to be good at stocking British TV on DVD, but be warned that their price may creep a little closer to the RRP of $34.98.

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