23rd May 2011 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

Ever heard the phrase “the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand’s doing”?

While we’re all feverishly anticipating the “game-changing cliffhanger” (and I’ll have more on my speculation/theories about the nature of that cliffhanger at some point soon) that’s known to be coming at the end of episode seven, “A Good Man Goes To War”, you may recall that The Grand Moff mentioned just before the start of the series that “You’re going to get several cliffhangers [in this series]. And you’re going to get a couple of real belters. Not just [in] episode seven. [Episode six] will end with an absolute cracker.”

That impression has been furthered by the news from Den of Geek that they won’t have an advance, spoiler-free review of “The Almost People” this week, because “the BBC are keeping this one under wraps”. That’s been confirmed also by the news that while some outlets have been given review DVDs, they’ve been specifically asked not to say anything anywhere about the ending.

All well and good. Were it not for the fact that the BBC themselves have already given away the end of the episode, courtesy of their official preview synopsis for “A Good Man Goes To War”. I won’t quote it here, I’ll simply link to it, but with the proviso that you shouldn’t read it if you don’t want to have a major plot point given away. I mean, I suspect there’s still more to the cliffhanger than what they’ve given away there (and I think I know what it is), but even so… that’s some fabulous internal communication there, guys.

Slow clap.

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