S6(32)E13 – The Wedding of River Song – Broadcast Discussion

1st October 2011 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

An update on the future of this little site of ours – if indeed it’s going to have one – will be forthcoming, but for now, let’s carry on with the broadcast discussions, because a few of you seem to enjoy them. And I have a feeling that, despite some people’s disappointment with the way that the arc stuff has gone this year… the finale is going to be FUCKING BRILLIANT.

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  1. Thor

    Maybe it’s because Moffat has continually thrown us off-kilter with odd twists, but some of this just seemed a little too obvious. The question being “Doctor who?” had seemed obvious, ditto that the dying Doctor would be the Tesselecta. Although on that second point, the idea that the Doctor was still actually there was fairly clever. I guess that maybe they were so obvious as to be overlooked – but there was nothing here to rival the HOLY SHIT THAT’S CLEVER reaction of the last series finale when the Doctor reversed through the previous episodes and gave that speech to Amy in the Byzantium’s forest.

    I’m more worried by the fact that while we got some answers to questions set up by series five, we’ve been given a boatload more for series seven to answer, and after The Wedding Of River Song I’m not so eager to see them fully answered.

    Not that it was all bad. The time-shattering kiss was a nice touch, and the All Of History At Once-verse was full of brilliant little moments. (“Pterodactyls are vermin” being a stand-out favourite.)

    I do like the idea that the Doctor is moving away from the egocentric “Who da man?” attitude he’s been building up in a very nicely-formed character arc (beginning with his “look me up” speech to the Vashta Nerada until it backfires spectacularly in The Pandorica Opens) and is now ready to fall back into obscurity as he thwarts evil. If nothing else, it should get Lawrence Miles working on new arguments against the show.

    And by the way, was anybody else expecting to see Lorna Bucket and the Gamma Forests in this episode? Maybe next series, then.

    Above all, though, wasn’t that a nice posthumous shout-out for Nicholas Courtney?

  2. Si

    As touching and deserving as the tribute to Nicholas Courtney was, I actually thought it was a bit of a shame that The Brigadier couldn’t live on, always off at a meeting or stuck in Geneva…

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