A Great Big Threatening Button!

21st March 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

A Great Big Threatening button which, under the circumstances, you might actually want to push. If you’re in the UK you’ll be lucky enough to get a sneak peak of the first minute of “The Eleventh Hour” via the BBC’s Red Button service. It’ll be popping up at various times from this Wednesday until the show’s Easter weekend launch. So far the confirmed times for Wednesday are from 6am to 2pm, then again from 3pm to 5:50pm, and finally from 9pm onwards.

Of course, that minute will probably work its way onto YouTube or some such thing, and the very moment it does I guarantee you one of us is probably going to pick it apart. Or maybe we won’t.

Ben Paddon certainly isn’t here to help a malevolent entity to bring down the website. Ben writes and hosts PortsCenter, a webseries about video game ports that exists solely because someone once asked him if Doom on the PSone was any good. His favourite colour is mope.



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