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21st March 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

Well, it’s all kicking off. Two trailers in the last couple of days, now – first of all with Digital Spy posting the Press Launch teaser, before a trailer from BBC America that rather bafflingly contains lots of goodies that we Brits haven’t had the chance to see yet also made its way online. So if we’re going to do this, let’s do it properly – screencaps and discussion after the jump.

We’ll tackle the Digital Spy trailer first, and bear in mind that I also won’t bother posting/commenting on things we’ve already seen in earlier trailers (e.g. River Song, Weeping Angels and so on).

This is such a brilliantly iconic image that I’m amazed it wasn’t done in the RTD era. Lovely stuff.

And a decent glimpse at the TARDIS interior. Interesting one, this, as it doesn’t look like the simple backdrop image that usually gets placed inside the box when filming from outside it. I’d imagine this is probably filmed through the “doors” of the set itself instead.

Ahh, if there’s one thing the Mill is terrific at, it’s big futuristic/alien landscapes. Check out the lettering on the towers, too – they appear to say “YORKSHIRE”, “DEVON” and “SURREY” among others. Is this a future where the population of the UK have relocated to towers, divided by county? OH! Is this the “floating UK” we’ve heard about, from episode two? Must be.

You wouldn’t think that anyone would look at this and think “Pete Tyler’s Earth”, but since I have actually seen someone on a forum suggest this already, all I’ll say is, read a history book. Or, y’know – watch “The Empty Child”.

This is just brilliant. Love the detail of the Union Jack on the “nameplate”, and the “headlights” being covered up (presumably to avoid detection during air raids, yes?) So this is, we are to assume, a Dalek that’s been found and misappropriated by the British Army during World War II. That’s simply a wonderful idea, isn’t it?

It’s just a spaceship, but it’s nice-looking. Who said Series Fnarg was going to look cheaper than the RTD years? Anyway, my money’s on this being the infamous Byzantium.

“OH, HE’S GOT AN ARM OFF!” Alright, so – yes, this is a New Series Cyberman. This makes us look rather foolish – but look, all we said we’d heard was that there was a redesign somewhere, and we’d only then made the assumption that this possibly meant a full-on new (or “new old”) look. The “redesign” could just refer to chopping bits off it and making it rusty. Or there could be more than one type of Cyberman in the series (JUST LIKE THERE’S MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF DALEK, EH?) Anyway, it’s bloody creepy the way half the head’s missing as well, isn’t it?

This is just… wow. SPITFIRES IN SPACE, FIGHTING A DALEK SHIP. How the hell is all of this going to fit into a single episode? Well, here’s the thing, I’m going to lay my cards on the table now – this (along with a later image we’ll see) is series finale stuff. As with series one, I think we’ll see a single Dalek in the one-part episode, before getting LOTS MORE at the end of the series. But how excellent would it be if the World War II setting carried over to the finale? It’d certainly be something different, with all of RTD’s finales taking place either present-day or in the far future.

And there’s our console. Now, I’m not a fan of knee-jerk negativity when it comes to something we haven’t seen properly, but… hmm. I do like the idea of the interior being utterly mental and full of junk (having apparently constructed itself around the personality of a slightly bonkers Doctor), but something about the colour/shape doesn’t quite look right to me. Although it is hexagonal, which is good. Anyway – no point in commenting too much until we get a decent look at the thing, when I’m sure it’ll be painstakingly picked apart.

So that’s what I found to be relevant from the Press Launch trailer. Now, let’s see what our American friends have been up to. Sorry about the rubbish quality of the caps, but this is taken from Youtube and there’s not a higher-res version around yet.

This is probably our best look yet at the new sonic. It’s a bit… chunky, isn’t it? Seems almost a bit overdone, and also reminiscent of the Master’s laser screwdriver.

I post this purely as further evidence to back up my earlier-posited THEORY – which is that, since this seems to follow the “What have you got for me this time?” bit, he’s actually talking there about the interior, and this is him seeing it for the first time. You know it makes sense.

This would seem to be the “End of the World” moment. Actually, if there’s something that worries me slightly about this series from what we’ve seen so far, it’s that it seems to rely a bit on existing tropes. We’ve seen a clip of the Doctor talking to a baffled young girl. We’ve got another bit coming up that’s almost an exact retread of earlier Moffat dialogue. And it looks like episode two is the “Doctor takes companion to see human civilization in the far future and she becomes a bit overwhelmed”. The hug is nice, though.

Just a little one, this, but… red-cloaked woman picking up white face mask didn’t half make me think, for a second, of Karen’s soothsayer character in “Fires of Pompeii”. It’s probably nothing, though. This’ll be from the Venice ep, I imagine.

MOAR DALEKS. And this is what I reckon also comes from the finale rather than ep three, but I could be WELL WRONG. I can’t fathom this one out, though. Firstly, are these chaps all white ones (the one on the left looks like it, but the one on the right, I’m not so sure) as glimpsed in the first trailer? And there’s something different-looking about the shape – the one on the right looks like it has the skirt of a new series Dalek, but the head looks firmly old-style – where are the large headlamps? On the OTHER hand, though, it also seems to be wearing the army utility belt type thing, so maybe it’s our friend from “Victory”. It’s all very mysterious. And what’s going to be through that doorway? Is it Davros? It’s probably not Davros.

I do like the Doctor’s line about him being the one the monsters are scared of, but… well, if at any point this series he refers to bananas being good, I’m going to loudly accuse Moffat of running out of ideas.

Not much to say here, I just wanted to remark on how much better the white window frames make the TARDIS look in shots like this. LOVELY

So there we go. Excitement continues to ramp up – and best of all, these trailers finally seem to be starting to convince people about Smith, after a shaky start. Which is odd to me, as despite being initially disappointed in his casting, I’ve loved just about every moment we’ve seen of him in the role so far. There’s a solidly Troughton vibe to it, but at the same time, his accent seems to veer strangely between RP and Estuary (“Come wi’ me”). I’m not sure he quite convinces with the big speeches just yet (each trailer has featured one, and they’ve none of them sounded as bombastic as you suspect they’re meant to) but most of the little lines here and there sound great.

Anyway, any series that features SPITFIRES IN SPACE FIGHTING A DALEK SHIP can’t fail to be brilliant, can it?

Seb Patrick once met Paul McGann, who immediately pretended to be Mark McGann. He writes for Den of Geek, BBC America, Film4 and the official Red Dwarf website, among others. He owns over thirty toy Daleks and wishes the Dapol factory tour was still open.


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