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31st March 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

The official website for the Doctor Who spin-off that isn’t really a spin-off, K9, is up and running. It’s pretty image-heavy, being as it is made entirely of images, so if you’re on a dial-up modem you’re probably somewhere in 1996 and so can’t watch the show yet. But hey, the TV movie, eh? It’s going to be awesome.

The K9 site contains videos, including a look at the opening titles (which, for reasons I can’t quite define, feel incredibly Australian), character and monster bios, and an episode guide. Interestingly, the Monsters page includes what looks like an albino version of the Blowfish alien from Torchwood‘s second series.

Is K9 going to be shit? All signs point to yes, but after reading some of the information provided I’m curious as to how the series will fit into the established Who universe (I refuse to say “Whoniverse” because I’m a pretentious bastard) and that alone is probably enough for me to actively take the time to watch the show.

Oh dear, have I just volunteered URP!’s official unofficial K9 correspondent?

Ben Paddon certainly isn’t here to help a malevolent entity to bring down the website. Ben writes and hosts PortsCenter, a webseries about video game ports that exists solely because someone once asked him if Doom on the PSone was any good. His favourite colour is mope.


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  1. VS

    I found the first episode pretty incomprehensible on first viewing. It felt like you were watching a series that was already several episodes in. Normally I’d stay with a bit longer but it just doesn’t feel worth it with this show. The introduction to the characters was dire and there was an assumption that you would just understand the workings of this Blade Runner type world off pat. It is quite simply not anywhere near the leagues of TSJA, which has proved to be a genuinely good TV show for children younger than those the parent show might attract. This however was just shit.

  2. si

    I want to stay away from that series so much you would not believe. It looks awful.

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