Doctor Who : The Adventure Games

8th April 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

This is just absolutely bloody wonderful and phenomenal.

Doctor Who and video games have never got on all that well. The canon basically consists of Dalek Attack (a lovely little PC/Amiga/Speccy/C64 platformer that unfortunately had very little to do with the style or aesthetic of Who itself) and Destiny of the Doctors (an “interactive” CD-ROM adventure that was a nice idea but hampered by frankly woeful execution). Last time it was announced that there was to be a new series tie-in game, we briefly built up hope that we’d finally get the time-travelling point-and-click adventure game that the show so badly deserves, but it ended up being some cheap reprehensible Top Trumps bollocks for the PS2. Indeed, the best that Who has managed in the gaming field have been those free BBC flash games that showed up on the official site during the Eccleston series – of which the best by a considerable margin was that terrifically fun Last Dalek thinger, which saw you playing as a single Dalek wandering around exterminating Van Staten’s minions.

Finally, though, Doctor Who is getting a “proper” computer game. Okay, so it’s not a full-on, commercially-released enterprise, but it’s nevertheless exciting for a number of highly significant reasons:

1. It’s written by Steven Moffat and Phil Ford
2. It ties directly into the series (with the first three of four episodes being released while Series Fnarg is broadcasting)
3. It’s being developed by the people what did Broken Sword
4. It’s FREE.
5. It’s got Amy’s legs in it.

CAN’T. WAIT. Check out the new issue of PC Gamer for more info and screenshots.

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