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13th April 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Do you know about Insomniac Whovian? It’s rather brilliant: They throw on a Doctor Who story old or new at midnight UK time (occasionally an hour or so later) and watch it, live-tweeting together as they go. Isn’t that lovely?

They’re doing a Dalek themed week in the lead-up to this Saturday’s “Victory of the Daleks”. In fact they’re watching “Day of the Daleks” right now. Tomorrow they’ll be watching “Genesis”, then “Resurrection” on Wednesday, “Revelation” on Thursday, and “Remembrance” on Friday. Which is nice. You can join in, provided you have the story they’re watching and you press “Play” at the same time they do.

I don’t usually get to join in with this, what with living eight hours in the past and everything, but assuming I’m not working on Friday I should be able to join in for “Remembrance”, which is inexplicably my favourite classic series Dalek story.

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