Big Finish aren’t.

3rd June 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Audio maestros Big Finish have had their Doctor Who license renewed for another year, giving them the rights to produce more classic Who audioplays up until 2012. There is, of course, no point in them asking for an extension beyond that point because as we all know the world is going on end on December 21st, 2012. So that ought to save them some money.

Actually that was a joke.

Nick Briggs also mentions in the announcement that BF are still in talks with Tom Baker, which is promising.

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8 Responses

  1. Seb Patrick

    … if you happen to like Tom Baker, that is.

  2. Jonathan Capps

    I wish people would stop pretending Tom Baker is anything other than brilliant.

  3. I like Tom Baker, but insofar as Big Finish is concerned it’s really more of a completeness thing for me. “All of the non-dead classic Doctors”, sort o’ fing.

  4. Andy M

    Can’t they just write a 4th Doctor script and text all his lines into that BT talking SMS service?

  5. Seb Patrick

    >I wish people would stop pretending Tom Baker is anything other than brilliant.

    I like him more than The Flatmate does, but what gets me is the attitude from some fans that Big Finish will only be legitimised/worth listening to when he’s involved. Look at the way those non-BF dramas that he did were swarmed over – people were acting like there’d never been a Doctor Who audio play before. And while I’m not exactly a massive BF fanboy, I do think that’s massively disrespectful to the brilliant work that Davison, Baker C, McCoy and McGann have done.

    Basically, Baker T has a tendency to overshadow everything, and I don’t think it’s really fair, since he’s not even the best Doctor. He’s also the one who doesn’t play nice with the others, and that’s kind of arsey.

  6. Seb Patrick

    TOO MANY MASSIVES in that comment.

  7. si

    Finally watched ‘In Confidence’ with Tom Baker last night. The man is pure class, a national treasure, and should be knighted immediately.
    The show begins with him stating something along the lines that he is ‘A God’. Brilliant.

  8. “Basically, I’m just a god to these people. They worship me” before taking the conversation straight into the guttering and spending the rest of the episode talking about wanking and being left in one’s own shit. No really.

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