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28th June 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

Well, Series Fnarg is over. And we’ll have plenty of comment to come – we’ve still got reviews of both eps 12 and 13 (as it happens, a wedding – yes, on 26.06.10 – got in the way of Capps doing “Pandorica”, and I’ll do “Big Bang” once that one’s clear) to post, but as well as that we’ll also do a big old retrospective of the series as a whole, and how the episodes stand up in context, and that sort of thing.

In the meantime, though, there’s one thing that surely everybody with any sense can agree on – Matt Smith was fucking brilliant. Not just “the Eleventh Doctor”. Not just “the new Doctor”. Simply… the Doctor. Effortlessly, wonderfully so. And in reflecting on just how perfect he turned out to be in the role (and from his first moments onscreen, to boot), thoughts naturally turned to how we reacted to his casting back when it was first announced.

Now, I don’t like my past self at the best of times. He usually nicks more than half of any packet of food he opens, leaving me less; he spends too much money immediately after payday, leaving me skint; and he makes me look like a sodding idiot when he pontificates on the casting of the new Doctor.

Well, bugger. (6.00pm, 03.01.09)

Obvious comment #1 : Twelfth Doctor to be played by a foetus. (6.07pm, 03.01.09)

Obvious comment #2 : Even though he hasn’t left yet, I want Tennant back already. (6.07pm, 03.01.09)

Rarely have I been more pleased to have been proven wrong. Still, at least I wasn’t the only one:

He looks and sounds like a foppish rugby player. And he better sort that fucking hair out before filming.

Fuck. (Jonathan Capps, 6.18pm, 03.01.09)

Anyone who’d like to be smug and link to a comment where they said from day one they knew he’d be brilliant, should of course feel free.

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