Torchwood US? Nope. Torchwood International? Yes.

7th June 2010 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

Well fuck me: The BBC have announced that an RTD-helmed fourth series of  Torchwood is going forward, and will be co-produced by BBC Wales and American network Starz Entertainment. Barrowman and Myles will reprise their roles, and the series will contain ten episodes set in various locations worldwide including Wales and, haha, the US.

Beyond that there’s not a lot else we know about the new series. Still, if the show can hold on to the level of brilliance it reached for Children of Earth then everybody wins.

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  1. Jonathan Capps

    Despite Children of Earth, the prospect of more Torchwood still terrifies me.

  2. I remain cautiously optimistic.

  3. John Hoare

    After Children of Earth – and an RTD who’s fully-focused on the show, rather than spread too thinly – I am massively bloody excited.

  4. First caught this via Tom Price on Twitter. He’s saying nothing, but I’m betting Andy the loveable copper might be making a return. One can’t help but wildly jump to conclusions about a show that needs to enlarge its regular cast…

  5. Mammalian Verisimilitude

    Well, given that it’s made by BBC Worldwide, firstly for a US network who get to broadcast it before BBC1, I don’t think suggesting that most of the “expanded cast” will be American is out of the question.

  6. si

    If Mickey does return – which I doubt, reading Noel Clarke’s Tweets in the past, I’ve had the sense that he gets a little fed up of answering questions about Who when he does so much of his own work – then it might be fair to suggest that Martha, the missus, could also return, having abandoned the freelance world.
    I hope, too, that Jack isn’t based in the US, but in Wales, in a rebuilt Hub in Cardiff, with Gwen (plus family, of course).
    But Torchwood International over US – yes, I agree wholeheartedly, this is better. A wholly US-based series (even, I suspect with Davies and Gardner at the helm) would have been a disaster, and when that idea was flying around, the thought filled me with dread.

  7. si

    Nice article here:
    throwing up a few interesting suggestions, including James Marsters returning as Captain John…

  8. “BARROW-MAAAAAAN!” *shakes fist*

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