New series console room playset!

7th July 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

I can’t have been the only person excitedly looking forward to this. One of the best – if not the best – console rooms the TARDIS has ever had, lovingly rendered in 5-inch-figure-scale form by Character Options, who did such a great job creating a wonderful playset for the last one (I came so close to buying the thing, but sadly was living with a Who-hating ex at the time and couldn’t justify the living room space).

Unfortunately… er, it looks a bit rubbish, really. From these photos, at least. It’s quite small, and doesn’t have anything like the sense of scale of the current design (or even of the old toy). Worse, rumours suggest that there won’t even be any light and sound effects – and the overall cheapness of the thing seems to extend to such details as the doors looking like part of the card scenery rather than being plastic and open-able, and the fact that even the railings around the console floor are missing.

In terms of colour and lighting it looks a bit better in the latter two pictures, which are snaps from this video – but still, on the whole, compared with the majesty of the first set, this looks like a disappointment. Here’s hoping there’s a bit more to it when we see the proper release version – expected around Christmas, or so they say.

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