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19th November 2010 • Blog Post by Seb Patrick •

As you’re doubtless aware, Doctor Who has a longstanding association with Children in Need (ah, who can forget… actually wait, no, that’s better). The link with tonight’s edition of the annual telethon is that the opening of this year’s Christmas special (we never got round to mentioning the news of its title, did we? Oh well, it’s called A Christmas Carol, in case for some baffling reason we’re the only Doctor Who outlet you ever read) will be shown (as with The Next Doctor two years ago); but there’s something else that I thought was worth flagging up.

Writer of the IDW comics series, Tony Lee, is selling his own copies of issues #1-16 of the series (the entire Tennant run – the Smith comics kick off early next year with a brand new #1), all signed with a personal message to the winning bidder. Tony is a massive supporter of Children in Need himself, for reasons outlined on his blog, and this gesture is particularly apt given the existing link between CiN and Who. As it happens, if you’ve never read them, the IDW comics are pretty darned good – and the single issues are generally quite tricky to get in the UK (though the auction is open to anyone, Tony will ship ’em worldwide), so this is well worth a look, and it is – of course – in a good cause to boot.

Incidentally, I was pondering sitting and liveblogging CiN – including the Who segment – for your pleasure tonight. But I’ll probably just end up playing Pro Evo instead. We’ll see what I feel like when I get home.

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