IMDb’s Clearly Wrong Cast Listing for 6×13 is Clearly Wrong

30th May 2011 • Blog Post by Ben Paddon •

I’ll tell you what, Doctor Who fans don’t arf like buggering about with the show’s IMDb page. Back in 2005, the week before the first-series finale aired, some cheeky monkey went in and added Norman Lovett to the cast list – an unlikely choice for the role of Davros, which was our first red flag at the time. Now, some six years later, some bugger’s only gone and done something similar for this year’s finale.

It’s obviously bollocks, but I’m going to go ahead and put it below the fold anyway to avoid any potential spoilers. Unless you’re reading this on an RSS reader, of course, in which case RUN FOR IT.

According to IMDb’s, frankly, ridiculous entry for 6×13, both David Tennant and Peter Davison will be making appearances as their respective Doctors. Yes, I know, it’s obviously a load of old wank. No one else appears to be covering this listing and no announcements have been made, so I’ve no reason to believe that it’s anything other than a steaming pile of Hotspur.

I mean, if any Doctor’s going to come back in the finale it’s obviously going to be the Eighth Doctor, right? Right. Glad we’re clear on that one.

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